Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Post Suggestions Here!

Do you have a suggestion for a dare?

If so, please comment: but PLEASE make sure that it is not already posted! We'll delete your comment after we add the dare, so don't worry if you find your post deleted.

Thank you!


  1. -MC is good at skipping stones

    +The stones never stop

    ++When the antagonist is about to win, a skipping stone from the beginning of the book knocks him/her out

    +++If the antagonist survives, he has a phobia of flat stones

    ++++The MC's last name is Stone

  2. - Have a straight character be attracted to someone in drag without realizing it. (E.g., a straight male character is attracted to a man in drag.)

    + The character is homophobic or transphobic.

    ++ The person in drag is also attracted to the character.

    ++++ They *do it*, and somehow the character still doesn't realize that the other person was in drag the whole time.

  3. The continuous list of ideas seems neverending and my computer is having trouble processing it. Can you change it to a series of pages instead?

  4. -MC brings M&Ms wherever they go

    +They don't eat it it, just hoard it

    ++When the antagonist is about to kill your MC, they randomly start throwing M&Ms at him

    +++The antagonist is allergic to chocolate