Friday, March 9, 2012

Thees and Thous

- Have a character use "Thy" or any other word that seems medievel timesish

+ If the story isn't based or set on medievel times.

++ If a character goes nuts because of that person.

+++ If that person add stuff like the 3rd or Esquire to his name when s/he is the 1st or s/he isn't a esquire.

(The most colloquial/simple explanation I could find that doesn't use grammar words like 'predicate nominative' is here)

This dare was posted on the NaNoWriMo forums for free use in your NaNoWriMo novel. I have compiled them all on this website, but I have not created them. While the original thread from which these dares have been taken may have been deleted for the yearly forum wipe, you can find the NaNo Dares thread(s) at, in the Reaching 50,000 forum.

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