Scoring Method

Please note: most, if not all of the dares, were taken from the dare thread (2011 version). Many dares have been recycled year by year.

In order to get points from a dare, you must fulfill the criteria posted for each dare. Often, NaNoers will tally up their total dare points, often for extreme bragging rights and a crazy novel.

Have a character who always carries a towel with him/her.
+ if it's an MC
++ if the character is hitchhiking at some point in the novel
+++ if it's vital to the plot
+++ + if the towel is blue
Cookie/Cake: The character has read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
In this dare, we have the general dare set up used in Writing Dares.

The first line has the basis of the dare: this is worth one point.

As you go down the line, each additional criteria adds one point per + sign.

So, if I have a character who follows all the criteria above, I would have (1+1+2+3+4+cookie/cake) points, which adds up to 11 points + cookie/cake.

Some people count cookies/cake as one point: it's up to you what you do.

However, sometimes you may want every criteria satisfied but one or two. So if I have a blue-towel-carrying character who is NOT a main character, but is hitchhiking, and is not vital to the plot, I have just 7 points. Take the value of the + signs.

You may also encounter BP, DBP, TBP, QBP (quadruple bonus points), QBP (quintiple bonus points, aka 5BP), etc.

BP= +
DBP= ++
TBP= +++
4BP= +++ +