What is this?

Every year on NaNoWriMo, participants gather to exchange dares.

I've gathered as many as I can here, and I will hopefully be updating as often as I can.

The dares are organized by tag, which include: plot, setting, character, items
death, romance, adventure, villain, hero, etc.

If you have a dare to suggest, please head over to Suggestions to comment.

If you see a dare that you can expand (such as adding bonus points, next steps, etc,) please comment on that dare's page. I'll update it ASAP.

Please note that from October 16th, 2011 to January 2013, I will have spotty/slow internet connection, as I will be traveling around the world with my family for 14 months.

I will, however, try to update each week.


PS. Please note: most, if not all of the dares, were taken from the http://nanowrimo.org dare thread (2011 version). Many dares have been recycled year by year.